The origins of green eyes

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Eyeshadow Of The Day October 23, 2012

I threw this look together pretty fast and although its not my favorite, I do like the color placement.  I like the purple(coastal scents) color over the yellow(gorgeous gold-mac) and the teal(mac) on the inner corner.   I used yellow glitter mixed with eye  cream and pressed it over the yellow eyeshadow.  I used a felt tipped black eyeliner (so easy to use!) on the top and a purple fat liner by Urban Decay on the bottom, blended out with a small amount of an iridescent blue eyeshadow.

What Beauty Related Content Would You Like to See More Of?

If you’d like a tutorial, please specify what type you’d like (makeup, nails, etc..) thank you. 😀


and some more chunky bracelets…

Here are a couple more chunky bracelets I made.  They are really fun to make.

Chunky Bracelets

I have delved into the art of  jewelry making.  Here are my first “chunky” bracelets.

It’s Not About Money

I read a really good article on beauty blogs and wanted to share.  I am not blogging for money (if I were I’d have a whole lot more posts), I blog about what I like or do not opinion.. generally I try to keep it positive and if I don’t like something I won’t write about it.   Many beauty bloggers will write positive things about a product because they are sent freebies from the company.  Even if the product sucks they will say good things about it in order to keep the free items coming in or perhaps a job with the company.  But I am against the shilling, against the bribing.   So be careful in trusting the integrity and always question the truthfulness of a fashion blog (or any other).

Here is the article I am talking about:

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