How to apply Rainbow Eyeshadow

I’ve always been drawn to rainbows, so naturally it would come eventually to my mind to recreate one using eyeshadows. This look isn’t for everyday wear-say to the office, but it can be quite striking at the right event. People will definitely notice your peepers!
It is a much easier look to recreate if you have all your tools and makeup ready to go in order. This will save you time and frustration. It’s also good to keep a color wheel around, so you can put the colors in the most aesthetically pleasing places and so when you blend nothing turns brown.
I’m using: A pencil brush, a flat bristled brush, a fluffy domed brush and a larger browbone brush. Makeup products: M.A.C. Bare Canvas Paint, M.A.C. Lucky Green Eyeshadow, Ben Nye Chartreuse Lumiere Luxe Powder, Ben Nye Peacock Lumiere Luxe Powder, Ben Nye Cosmic Blue Lumiere Luxe Powder, Ben Nye Amethyst Lumiere Luxe Powder, Ben Nye Royal Purple Lumiere Luxe Powder, Ben Nye Cosmic Violet Lumiere Luxe Powder, M.A.C. Pink Freeze eyeshadow, and M.A.C. Solar White eyeshadow.

1.  First you must make sure all your brushes are clean and dry.
2.  You’ll need a good eyeshadow base. What I used in the photograph is M.A.C. Paint in Bare Canvas. Use a small amount and gently work it over your eyelids.
3.  I suggest working on both eyes at the same time so you don’t get your brushes muddied with the other colors.
4.  I started on the lower inner corners with my pencil brush, and added M.A.C. Lucky Green Eyeshadow. Repeat on other eye.
5.  Take a bit of Chartreuse from Ben Nye with the same brush(tap some color out with all the loose shadows or you may make a mess of your face) and place it right next to the Lucky Green. Repeat with the other eye. Now gently blend the 2 colors-not too much though.
6.  Take The Peacock shadow and add a little next to the chartruese on both eyes gently blending them.
7.  Now take the Cosmic Blue shadow and take it all the way to the outer corner of your eye on both eyes.
8.  Now with your fluffy domed brush, take a little(very little) of the Royal purple and move it in a circular motion right under your browbone at the outer courner of your eye. Repeat with the other eye.
9.  Now take the same brush and pick up some Amethyst and sweep it lightly from the outer corner a bit above where you applied the Royal Purple. Repeat on the other eye.
10.  Now take the same brush and add some Cosmic Violet over the Amethyst and 3/4 of the way to your inner corner, using a very light windshield wiper motion. Don’t do this too long or your colors will get mixed. Do the other eye.
11.  Now use some M.A.C. Pink Freeze and gently blend over from the cosmic violet to the lucky green, but don’t mix them. apply on the other eye.
12.  Now take your Fluffy brow brush and and Solar White eyeshadow directly under your eyebrow. Gently blend down to diffuse the colors. Do both eyes.
13.  Optional: You can line your eyes with black eyeliner on the inner or outer rims or both. Some people cannot line the inner rims and if you have doubts or a bad experience don’t do it.
14.  Brush away any eyeshadow fallout and add black mascara. Now you are done!
If you feel you don’t have enough color make sure your brush is clean and then go back over the color with more. Be careful not to mix the colors too much.. i stress this because I have overblended and made a mess of my eye and lost a lot of precious time.

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please leave me a rating and/or a comment to let me know how i’m doing, thank  you!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anonymous
    Dec 21, 2011 @ 09:48:23

    You have rlly gorgeous green eyes!!!


  2. Kitty.
    Feb 15, 2011 @ 09:56:53

    This is really pretty!

    -Kitty. ♥


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