Purple Hair!!

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Pink and Purple Self Portrait

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The last time I dyed my hair an unnatural color was freshman year of high school. I striped my hair pink and purple.
My favorite color has always been purple so naturally I wanted to do it again. My hair is naturally a dark blonde, here it has been lightened by using a hair color removal kit (my hair was dark auburn red) and then I used a regular box color from the grocery store to darken it up a bit to match my roots.
The purple dye is from Manic Panic. It’s called Purple Haze.
I applied the dye by first pulling up the hair above my ears evenly around my head and with a pony tail holder I put that hair into a bun on the top of my head. With some gloves on and dry unwashed hair, I applied the whole bottle of purple to the under layer of my hair. I left it on for about 45 minutes so it would be nice and dark and last longer. With my blonde hair still on top of my head I rinsed the bottom out with lukewarm water. When the water was pretty clear I took all of my hair down and washed it with a small amount of color safe shampoo.. i was going somewhere and wanted clean hair. I then conditioned well, rinsed and soaked the water up with a towel. I used Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum to the ends of my hair and a volumizing lifter to my roots.  I also applied a heat protectant.   I then blow dried my hair until it was nearly dry.   Its naturally extremely straight so I used a curling iron on it. I sprayed some extremely strong hair spray on after, because my hair falls pretty quick.
Manic Panic is only semi-permanent hair dye, but it lasts longer on hair that has been freshly lightened but not overly damaged. If your hair is too damaged from lightening the color will not hold because your hair shaft is not laying down flat and smooth. It’s important to deep condition your hair a couple of days in advance, so your hair retains more color. Going darker in hair color is easier on your hair than going lighter.
So that is my little hair article, purple and blonde, but still wearable and not too crazy, just a little bit.



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