The Importance of False Lashes

duochrome super macro eye shadow by m.a.c., ben nye, and coastal scents.

Originally uploaded by dreamglow pumpkincat210

Everyone that likes to try out the more daring of eyeshadow looks should absolutely try out false lashes. They can make your eyelashes appear so much thicker and sexier. There is a lash style out there that is most like your own lashes if you look hard enough and if applied correctly, you cannot tell they are fake. You can get these great big beautiful eyes.
Or you can get crazy and get the lashes that fan out far past your own lashes. The trick is knowing what kind of look you are going for. In this look I wanted “bedroom: eyes, so I cut a pair lashes in half. Only a small amount of eyelash glue is needed. I like the white type that dries clear. After applying them a few times it comes as second nature.
This is a really interesting violet and tangerine eyeshadow look. It is especially appealing on green eyes. First I applied M.A.C. Graphito Paint extremely lightly to each eyelid up to my eyebrow. This paint is black so use sparingly. After that I used a domed fluffy brush to sweep M.A.C. Pink Pearl Pigment into my crease. I add a little Ben Nye’s Amethyst on the upper outer corners of each eye. For my browbone highlight i used a silver eyeshadow from coastal scents over the Graphito Paint which toned the paint down from it’s previous dark shade. I lined the bottom and top lid with M.A.C. Blacktrack Fluidline, then with my smaller pencil brush I applied Ben Nye Lumiere Tangerine Pressed Shadow along my lower lashline.
Then finally I added the lashes on the outer corners of the upper lashes. I waited until the eyelash glue dried then I added some more eyeliner to make the line smooth again. Add some black mascara and starting at the base of your lashes use an eyelash curler and gently squeeze them together several tiimes working your way up to the top of the lashes. This blends your natural with the fake to create a more realistic look and open up your eyes. I had dark brown hair at the time so I was using a dark eyeliner pencil and powder. I don’t usually do that much to my brows though. And think of the brows as more of a theatrical look.


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