Color Theory and the Color Wheel

A very useful tool for all artists to know and have is a color wheel.  This color chart came from http://www.paper-leaf .com

Initially I didn’t give a second thought on writing about this, but as I started thinking about what to say I realized this topic was of monstrous proportions.   Color plays such a huge role in our lives…it’s like writing on a person’s whole sense of sight nearly.

I bought a fairly inexpensive color wheel from my local art/hobby/craft store for under five dollars.   It’s very handy when you do your makeup or decide what to wear.   Study the colors(primary, secondary, tertiary),  the colors directly opposite from each other on the wheel (complementary) and warm and cool colors for beginners. Books have been written on one color alone so I’m not going to go into further detail in this post, but knowing the basics of color are very helpful for a surprising number of decisions you may make.


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  1. Color Wheel Interior Design
    Aug 09, 2010 @ 14:12:13

    You are so right about how quickly a post about color can become overwhelming. I started posting about setting the mood with color and quickly realized it could be a year’s worth of posts.

    Thanks for pointing out the color wheel chart download, that is an awesome resource.


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