How to Pick the Right Eyeshadow Colors for Your Eye Color

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I’m a firm believer that about anyone can pull off any color eyeshadow no matter what their eye color is.  However most people aren’t like myself.  That’s just fine, if you aren’t comfortable with something, try it on alone and see how you feel.  If you don’t like the colors don’t wear them.

I’m going to show you some basics on eye shadow colors that will make your eyes pop. A color wheel comes in handy for this and i’ve posted one as well.   In color theory the color opposite (complementary) of your eye color makes them most vivid. For starters, 3 eyeshadow colors is enough.  The main color that goes on your lid just past your brow bone, your crease color (usually darker than your lid color, but not necessarily) and your brow color, the lightest of the 3, usually a neutral, but it can also match your lid color only much lighter in color.

Depending on your place of work or certain schools, it’s best to follow their rules or keep your colors neutral.  Light pink, green and mauve are also acceptable most of the time, if it is done in a subtle fashion.  When you learn what is acceptable you can venture easier.


Blue Eyes:  silver, blue, grey, charcoal, copper, turquoise

Brown Eyes: green, blue, turquoise, copper

Green Eyes: Violet and lavender,  gold or copper or green

Hazel Eyes: plums and green

Violet Eyes: green, bronze, grey

Now here are some colors to experiment with that pop your eyes too, but contrast more, so the look is wilder:

COMPLEMENTARY (opposites):

Blue Eyes: Orange, tangerine, peach

Brown Eyes:  Lucky you, a neutral eye can wear any color quite easily, you just have to take your skin tone into account!   Silver’s look great on skin with cool (pink) undertones and gold looks great on warm (yellow) undertones or olive skin.

Green Eyes: red,  pink, burgundy, and purple shades especially make this color pop.  Golds too.

Hazel Eyes: red violet, lavender

Violet Eyes: shades of yellow

However, colorrs that are the same color as your eyes can also be worn, this is an analguous look.  The contrast in hues and shades will also make your eye color appear slightly different.  You can also try to match your eye color which is a neat look.

ANALGUOUS look: This is done by wearing 3 shades next to each other on the color wheel. This creates a gradient effect and some people think it is too bold. Just experiment.

Blue Eyes: Blue, Blue-Violet, Violet OR Blue, Blue-Green (turquoise), Green

Brown Eyes: Lucky you, a neutral eye can wear any color quite easily, you just have to take your skin tone into account!

Green Eyes: Green, blue-green, blue OR green, yellow-green, yellow

Hazel Eyes: Hazel(yellow-green), green, blue-green OR yellow-green, yellow, yellow-orange

Violet Eyes: Violet, Red-violet, Red or Violet, Blue-Violet,  Blue

Of course if you want to experiment go for it! There should not be any hardcore rules about makeup and always wear what makes you feel good.

Click on the eye photo to see what I used or color wheel to enlarge.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Swt Azn Qt
    Aug 27, 2010 @ 22:30:13

    Doesn’t the color wheel chart represent that purple can’t be mixed with turquoise because they’re double complementary colors while you did an eye look with those two colors in it? I took fashion classes and art classes, so I pretty much know which colors don’t go together…unless if this doesn’t apply with makeup?


    • pumpkincat210
      Aug 27, 2010 @ 23:28:55

      well if you actually mixed them together they would produce a brown, but side by side they give a totally different look. It’s a matter of personal preference.


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