American Flag Nail Art Inspired By Beyonce in the Telephone video with Lady Gaga

American Flag Nail Art

Originally uploaded by dreamglow pumpkincat210

I was inspired to do these nails by Beyonce in the Telephone video with Lady Gaga. They only show the nails once during the video, right after they kill the guy in the diner, she is wearing a yellow dress and hat and she puts her hand up to her mouth.
Anyways these are far from perfect as I prefer to keep my nails short and natural.
The first thing I did was use a basecoat, then I added 1 layer or Tokyo Pearl nail polish by Sinful colors. I waited about 5 minutes for that to dry. I then added a blue polish from bon bons..those tiny bottles, about 1/3 of the way down my nails with a stiff thin brush. While waiting for that to dry I painted red stripes that have sparkles in them.. the name is Ruby Pumps from China Glaze with a thin stiff brush. This was very hard to do on my right hand using my left hand.
I used a stiff thin brush again to dab droplets of Tokyo Pearl onto the blue polish. After waiting 5-10 minutes i added a quick dry topcoat from Revlon, called Super Quick Speed. I then waited some more time because there were so many layers.
This was a super fun nail look and I got alot of compliments.  Just remember it takes alot of patience when drying, but it is worth it.


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