Blues and Purples Makeup Look on Green Eyes

up close picture of my eye.

Blues and Purples Makeup Look on Green Eyes

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What I used:
urban decay, m.a.c. cosmetics, milani
m.a.c. contrast e/s
m.a.c. beautiful iris e/s
m.a.c. thunder e/s
m.a.c. steamy e/s
m.a.c. shroom e/s
m.a.c. beauty burst e/s
milani shock e/s
loreal h.i.p. gel eyeliner in black
creme de la femme lipstick
milani movie star 3d glitzy gloss

1.  First (I’m assuming you’ve already done this), prep your clean face with moisturizer etc, concealer and foundation or powder.

2.  Fill in you brows with a brow powder and an angled brush.

3.  Next apply a small amount of Urban Decay Sin on your eyelids to help adhere all the shadow you will be applying and make the color more vibrant and glowy.

4.With a medium domed shape eyeshadow brush, apply M.A.C.’s Beautiful lris on your lids from the lashline almost to your brow.

5. With a pencil brush or small eyeshadow brush apply M.A.C.’s Contrast Eyeshadow next to your upper and lower lashline.

6. With your medium domed eyeshadow brush apply a small amount of M.A.C.’s Beauty Burst eyeshadow to the upper inner corners of your lids.

7.Wipe off your domed shadow brush or use a clean one and apply M.A.C.’s Thunder eyeshadow into your eyelid creases with a windshield wiper motion.

8.Apply some M.A.C. Steamy eyeshadow under the thunder on the outer half of your lids. Apply a litte more Contrast next to your lash line.

9.With a fluffy flat eyeshadow brush I swept M.A.C.’s Shroom eyeshadow directly under my browbone for a nice light and not overpowering highlight.

10.Finally line your inner rims with black eyeliner, I used the gel kid in black from loreal h.i.p. Apply a couple of coats of black mascara and curl your lashes.
For my blush I used Uncommon Blushcreme by M.A.C. with M.A.C.’s 187 stippling brush.
On my lips I applied M.A.C.’s Creme de la Femme lipstick with my finger and then I put on Milani 3d Glitzy Gloss in Movie Star (it is blue with sparkles).

For reference, in M.A.C.’s skin tone classification i’m an nc-25 or nc-30. Meaning i’m of medium skintone with yellow undertones.

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