Lace Makeup Mask


makeup mask

Originally uploaded by dreamglow pumpkincat210

Masks are alot of fun, although they can be intimidating and lengthy. This is a really quick mask I did.
I used a piece of lace that I cut from an old curtain, I washed it on gentle cycle.
When it was dry I used a large flat eyeshadow brush to pack on color, don’t rub or swish it on. You can use any colors of course or any pattern, like lace.. you can use a small paper punch to cut out shapes on a piece of paper and use the paper as your pattern. Honeycomb ribbon is that metal ribbon with holes cut out (sometimes hearts or stars) works too. You see this stuff on homecoming mums and is inexpensive. You can usually find it at a craft, hobby or florist shop.
As you apply the color, make sure the pattern is held firmly against your face. In the photo I used Pink and Yellow, so when they mixed it would be orange and not a brown. This is where a color wheel comes in handy if you don’t know it. Here is a color wheel for your reference:
If you come up with something, let me know please, I love to see what other people come up with.


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