All About Red Lipstick!!

red lipstick

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This is my favorite lip combination of the moment. I used M.A.C.’s Sci Fi delity lipstick and Milani Glitzy Gloss All About Me. I love Milani’s Glitzy Glamour Gloss as well as the 3d glitzy glamour gloss. I have a 3d gloss in the blue color, called movie star. It doesn’t go on blue, it just cools down any lipstick you have on under it. It really is great gloss with good payoff.

1.  Always wear a lipliner, preferably a reverse or “clear” lipliner to match any color. Reds are hard to match in liners.  I like to fill my entire lip area in with a clear liner, this will really make the color stick.  DuWop makes one that is very good and is highly rated.  There are many other brands as well.

2.  Mostly anyone can wear a shade of red lipstick.  I have yellow undertones and warmer, brick reds and reds with a brown or tawny base are most flattering for me.   If you have pink undertones in your skin (cool), your best bet would be to try a cooler looking pink based reds, plums, blackberries.  Asian skin looks nice with berry red colors.  Very pale skin looks good with blue based reds or corally light reds if  you want to go warmer.  Mostly everyone (including very light or very dark skin) falls into the categories of yellow, pink or olive skin.  London bus red is a color so versatile all skintones can wear this. You can see this color here:

3.  Prep your lips first by gently brushing them with your toothbrush when you brush your teeth.  Take good care of your lips by drinking plenty of water and applying a lip balm with an spf in it.

4.  Pay attention to your teeth color before putting on a red lipstick.  If  they are really yellow, first i’d try to whiten them a bit with over the counter whiteners, like crest whitestrips.  Blue based red lipstick also detract from stained teeth so stay away from warmer reds especially those with alot of orange in them.

5.  It is almost impossible to match red lips to nails.. it also looks kind of strange if you have ever paid attention.. this goes for handbags, clothes, shoes and jewelry as well.  Best not to match reds!

6.  Applying red lipstick or any color lipstick for that matter, should be done with a lip brush.  You’d be surprised how much more “lip” you have if you use a brush.  If you put on one layer of lipstick, blot it once witha tissue and apply another layer of lipstick with your brush… this really adds a lot of pigment that stays.

7.  If you go to a makeup counter to try on reds pinch the tip of the pad of your finger and see if it looks good.  Although its pretty much standard policy, the alcohol that the stores clean the lipsticks with isn’t garunteed to kill all the germs on the lipstick. Since lipstick is a “wet” product, it could be teeming with bacteria.  And lipstick is a very personal item.

8.  Dark red lipsticks also make lips appear thinner than they really are.  If you do want to decrease the size of your lips, try out a dark red, especially a matte finish.   If you want to increase lip size go for a lighter glossier red.

9.  If you are a teenager, red isn’t the best color choice for you.  It appears very garish on young skin and you might want to start out with a very sheer or lustre formula, instead of a matte or cream finish.  Young skin looks best with minimal makeup, such as a light pinks, neutrals or berry lipglosses, a light swish of neutral blush, a light coat of mascara and well groomed brows-you needn’t fill them in at this age.  Don’t overpluck, go to a good salon and maintain them afterwards if you like the look.   In my opinion the best age for wearing reds is your 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s.

10.   Red lipstick is easier to pull off at night, since it’s a statement color.

11.  If you decide to “bend” the color of your lipstick with a lipgloss, first blot off some lipstick on a tissue.  Apply a small amount of gloss to the middle of your lips.  Too much shine with red lipstick is a little scary and is very messy.

12.  For the rest of your makeup, you should keep it neutral, on the blush and eyes.  If your hair is dark, wear black mascara, if you are a blonde or redhead use a dark brown mascara.  Browns, golds, tans, anything neutral are best for eyeshadow choices.  If you are particularly daring try flicking out an eyeliner for a cat eye look.  False lashes can also look great with red lipstick, especially if the lashes are a close match to the way your natural lashes look.  Fake lashes are mostly for night time wear or an event.

13.  Keep your lipstick handy, tissues and a mirror.  Always check your teeth for red lipstick…it is so tacky to have red teeth.   It’s also tacky to wear blue eyeshadow with red lipstick!

14. M.A.C. cosmetics has a great line of red lipsticks.  I highly recommend this line for lipsticks of all colors actually. They have multiple formula’s from matte to sheer(lustre) and many in between formula’s.  Although a little pricey, about $14 each, it is worth it for a quality lipstick, especially since you have a chance to match it without opening up the packaging- I hate it when people do that at regular stores!

15. Everyone is unique, so if you think a color would look good on you, test it out.  Never be afraid to try on a new color it washes off, so have fun!


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