The Art of Eyeshadow on “green eyes”

The Art of Eyeshadow on “green eyes”

Originally uploaded by dreamglow pumpkincat210

This is a jumble of eyeshadow looks I have done in the past. None of them are recent and I probably couldn’t tell you exactly what I used, but I can try. Also my eye color is changed in some of the pictures, you can see they are unnaturally green, but also notice I have chameleon eyes, they go from green to grey to almost blue. Depending on the colors i’m wearing, mood and lighting they change. Do you have chameleon eyes?


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  1. JJ
    Oct 18, 2012 @ 08:08:30

    So pretty! Wish my green eyes were as versatile as yours! I don’t want to know about one specific look but I wonder, how do you get such clean colors in your photographs? I admit to not having a super terrific professional camera, but no matter how I change lighting or distance from camera, I can’t seem to get even close to true color when I try taking a picture of my makeup. All the color seems to wash out, even on a smoky eye that looked incredibly dark in the mirror looks “blah” once it’s in the camera. Any suggestions? You have such beautiful pictures!


    • Courtney Rhodes
      Oct 22, 2012 @ 20:04:40

      unless you have a flash on your camera that is “an add” on + professional lighting set up you probably aren’t going to get accurate colors in your photographs. I use natural light, indoors by a window so it is shady but not too dark, and don’t put your back to the window. Take you pictures preferably in morning or noon sun-evening sun is orangish also, your eyes look much more rested in the morning. I don’t ever use the flash on makeup photos as it always washes out the colors and/or adds a yellow tint to them. Also the paint/wallpaper around you reflects on your skin, so if you can, try white in the background/sides.. Use the macro setting (flower) on your camera for close up photos. 200 or 400 exposure is sufficient. You should also try the lighting settings of daylight, cloudy or tungsten. Auto setting can also work in some situations too and is better on some cameras in my experience. Invest in a tripod too, they are fairly inexpensive. Also my camera has a flip around screen so i can look at the angle of my eye when i’m taking the picture. I’d love a dslr camera, but i’m waiting on the price to drop a bit and point and shoot camera’s aren’t bad. The main suggestion I’d give is use natural light though. Best of luck!


      • JJ
        Oct 23, 2012 @ 03:51:24

        Thank you so much, I’ll hopefully be able to keep all that in mind the next time I decide to try and capture my eye makeup! I may get to experiment fairly soon, what with Halloween weekend right around the corner, and big, colorful plans on the way. Some of that I knew, some of that is news to me, and some of that is nice common sense that I never would’ve considered (like wild eyebrow hairs!).

        On a narrow budget I really can’t afford UDPP which is a pity, I’m a bad creaser and use every trick I find to try and combat run away eyeshadow. Presently I’m using NYX’s HD eye primer.. Not super thrilled but it’ll do until the bottle runs out and I try something else, was only $5 or so. I’ve tried multiple primers looking for one that is cheap AND good, results so-so. Any suggestions on THAT? 😀

        Again thanks though, I so enjoy your pictures, and am highly (seethingly) envious of your chameleon-like color changing eyes!


    • Courtney Rhodes
      Oct 22, 2012 @ 20:10:55

      Oh I forgot to add, make sure your brows are clear of any stray hairs and use a good eyeshadow base before you apply your eye makeup (urban decay primer potion is one of the best!).. Curl your eyelashes and always make sure your eyeshadow brushes are freshly cleaned and dry before using them, this makes a huge difference in getting clear colors on your lids. Don’t overblend as well.


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