Fashion color report fall 2010 from fashion week

I don’t know yet if I really like the fall fashion color report.  The colors continue to reflect the state of the economy and the challenges we are now facing.  While I think some of the colors (Purple Orchid, Lagoon and Chocolate Truffle) will be fun to work with, I’m not so enthusiastic about the yellow-greens, beiges and neutral colors..and my least favorite colors to wear are coral and red.  I have to face it, even I have gotten stuck in a rut.  I want to try out colors like Rose Dust and Endive,  I feel like I owe it to myself to broaden my horizons, I just hate feeling dull.  On the other hand the colors are romantic and maybe this fall i’ll be more delicate and romantic.

Colors of fall 2010:

Endive: Yellow-Green

Golden Glow: Earthy, deepened shade of yellow creates a retro feel with Purple Orchid.

Living Coral: Orange with a pink undertone

Lipstick Red: Deeper, dramatic red.  Popular in cosmetics.

Purple Orchid: Purple Fuchsia

Chocolate Truffle: Rich brown with plum undertones.

Lagoon: This season’s Turquoise, going to be hot when used with Lipstick red and other reds!  Pantone’s “Color of the Year”.

Woodbine: Neutral Green

Oyster Gray: Classic neutral, lighter than traditional fall gray, staple color of the fall.

Rose Dust:  A romantic beige.

For the full report on the colors, designers, etc, visit (you’ll need pdf):


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