Beauty, Fashion, Makeup 1900-2010

Beauty Era’s 1900-2010

Here is a quick list of fashions and makeup from the 1900’s to 2010.  They are in order of the decade.

19th century:   With the the American movement started by the National Dress Reform Association in 1856 sought to make women’s clothing safer and more practical.  Textile manufacturers were booming.  Conservative, moral and feminine clothing was very much the style.   In 1858, the first Haute Couture house opened by Charles Frederick Worth in Paris.   The tradition of designers sketching out garment designs started a new economy.  The four main fashion capitals were born Milan, Paris, New York City and London.

1900- The French, Belle Epoque look , with ornate designs and hourglass shapes, the clothes still took more than one person to remove.   Makeup during the beginning of the 20th century was minimalist.  Magazines with pictures drawn from fashion plates were highly sought after.  Pale skin was associated with the working class because people had tans from working outside.   Makeup was also associated with prostitutes and actresses which at the time were still taboo.  There weren’t many makeup companies available to the masses for a couple of reasons,  the inability to communicate with a large area other than telegraphs, telephone or land mail and the lack of techniques used to mine and  mass produce the ingredient for the cosmetic.    Women used homemade remedies such as rice powder for the face, beet juice as a lip stain, pinched cheeks and lemon juice to lighten the skin.  The sickly look was popular and often under eye circles were emphasized and crimson red lips were worn.  This was due to the tuberculosis epidemic, that strangely many women copied the deathly look.  Women even drank arsenic and put drops of the poison belladonna in their eyes to dilate them and give off a misty look.

1910’s- In 1912, La Gazette du Bon Ton, which was founded in 1912 by Lucien Vogel was probably the most famous fashion magazine at the time, however, Vogue, which was published in 1892 has been the longest running fashion magazine to date.  In 1913,  At&t entered an antitrust agreement with the federal government.  This allowed competitors to connect to their telephone system, so they became quite common.  In the early 1910’s exotic and oriental fashions brought over by Paris became fashionable.  Equal rights for women started to dominate fashion, skirts began to shorten, but many women were still hesitant.  Unfortunately World War 1 was near.  During wartime it was not proper to wear makeup.  Pink cheeks, a small amount of lipstick and Vaseline on the eyelids were worn.  Mostly only wealthy women wore makeup, as they could afford to go to salons.  Black, elegant, high collared bouffant dresses were worn by widows and those who lost loved ones in the war because of the mourning process of the time.  Minimalist and military fashions were worn; jewelry was not popular because it was simply not practical.   Tighter skirts using fewer materials were worn due to the large use of cloth in the war.  By the end of the decade and the end of the war, exotic vampy looks were popping up.

1920’s- The flapper era.  Pale vamp skin and black/red Cupid’s bow lips and finger waves or bobbed hair was all the rage.  Very popular during this time was dark blue or green eye shadow with drawn on thin eyebrows.  Sometimes a diamond was worn on the outer eye corner.  A thin boyish figure was very in and many clothing items were made to slim and bra’s replaced corsets.  The new androgynous style was adopted around 1925.   Coco Chanel broke onto the fashion scene with her unique style, forever changing it.  The time was all about pearls, little black dresses and cigarette cases.  Women shortened their dresses substantially.  2 straps to hold up women’s dresses revealed more skin than ever, fringed dresses with no stockings on the legs were now widely popular.  Having fun was this decade’s main theme.   Tan’s were sometimes also popular, as this was a sign of wealth now, because the rich could afford an exotic vacation.  This new daring era was due largely to the relief of the end of World War 1 and before the devastating 1929 stock market crash.

1930’s- Glamour! Reeling from the effects of the great depression and the small value of the dollar, many women, those with enough money to afford the luxury of makeup, chose to look like movie stars such as Greta Garbo.  Silk dresses were fashionable and cleavage was again taboo.  Women of high society held private parties.   Red lipstick was again favored.  2 fashion designers that were influential during the 30’s were Elsa Schiaparelli and Madeleine Vionnet.   Elsa designs were new and shocking.  She made a silk dress painted with flies, a lobster dress painted by Salvador Dali, a skeleton dress.  She is responsible for runways and music, with thin, boyish models.

1940’s- Minimalist.  Little makeup was worn due to World War 2.  The war caused the cost of supplies used to manufacture makeup to skyrocket.  The somber attitude during this decade also contributed to less makeup worn.  However, the birth of the pin-up girl ushered in more red lipstick, natural eyes, thicker eyebrows and long wavy hair.  Cloth was expensive, so women became crafty, altering old clothing, even curtains and other household items made of cloth.  Christian Dior’s style was new and gaining popularity.

1950’s- A prosperous, hopeful era, the 50’s focused on “pancake” or mask makeup and foundation, again red lips, except now they were worn in a matte finish.  Fashion advertisements were shown on the television.  Women even went to bed in a full face of makeup.  They wanted to be all they could for their husband’s.   (Remember all of those ads with women vacuuming in pearl necklaces and heels?)  Since the wholesome look was popular cheek and eye shadows were natural colors and brows were thick.  Cat eyes were daring, but gained popularity.  Icons such as Marilyn Monroe led style in the 1950’s.  Again Christian Dior developed many styles for the 50’s.  Corsets came back into fashion.  Hats, shoes, handbags, everything matched.  Elegantly tailored dress suits were worn with a small matching hat.

1960’s- The Mod Era.  In the 60’s focus was mainly put on the eyes.  Bold eye shadows such as white and silver were worn but not limited to.  Twiggy!  Black eyeliner was very popular as were fake eyelashes.  Pale lips to contrast with the bright eyes were all the rage.  At the end of the 60’s, makeup started to tone down, due to the hippie movement.  If anything, mascara and lipgloss were worn by hippies.   Models were becoming as famous as movie stars.  The 1960’s started out with the polished Jackie Kennedy look, of capped sleeve dresses, fake eyelashes, French manicures, and pillbox hats.    A-Line dresses, space age clothing,  vinyl, psychedelic prints in bright colors, skinny jeans, all of which have made their way into the fashions of today,  were probably the most remembered clothing of the 60’s.  Oh, and the invention of the push-up bra, by Wonderbra was invented, but only brought mainstream in 1994.

1970’s- Natural makeup was all the rage in the early 70’s, brought over from the late 1960’s.  When the disco scene hit, women once again wanted color and lots of it!  Metallic eye shadows, glitter and bold eye shadows, glossy lips, and the flipped hairstyle were very popular.  Cat suits, halter dresses, granny dress with lace collars and midi, maxi and mini dresses made their mark along with hot pants.  Bell bottoms reached their largest “bell” in 1975.  Yves Saint Laurent helped bring fashions from foreign countries mainstream.   For disco, shiny tight Lycra pants in wild colors, leopard skin, sequins and bandeau tops were the thing to wear in the clubs under the ever popular black lights and disco balls.

1980’s- The decade of designers!  Makeup became very bold again often matching clothes. Heavy matte makeup became very popular.  Red and bubblegum lipsticks were also very popular.  Contoured cheeks and heavy eye shadow were worn along with bold lips.  Big hair was “in”.   Jean Paul Gaultier made his mark by creating Madonna’s infamous cone bra.  Liberation of sorts dominated the 1980’s and people began to feel very free in their choice of clothing.  Power dressing was brought over from the corporate world into the mainstream, the use of shoulder pads to strengthen a woman’s appearance were necessary.  As the decade progressed, accessories became bigger, brighter and louder.

1990’s- The natural look became popular once again, but at the same time the focus was on making the most of your features doing this.  Lighter foundations, better skincare and higher SPF sunscreen were popping up.   Designers were less creative in the 90’s feeling they’d run out of looks.  They often copied fashions from the 20’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.   The grunge look was probably one of the most remembered “looks” from this decade, with flannel shirts, jeans and heavy dark eyeliner and overall messy appearance.  Thankfully this ended in 1993-1994.

2000’s- Although makeup in this decade was overall worn to enhance one’s beauty, it became somewhat bolder, with better lasting power and better ingredients overall.  Experimentation and fun started to reign.  Kevyn Aucoin, a famed makeup artist, probably led the revolution of experimentation with makeup with his belief that there were no rules when it came to makeup.  Sadly he passed away in 2002.  His looks continue to look quiet modern despite being over 10 years old probably because he started with one’s natural beauty and built upon that, while he could totally transform a person by using their “overlooked” features to become centerpiece.  By 2005 Emo and Scene clothing came mainstream.  Emo differed from Scene as emo revolved around black and scene people wore more brightly colored clothing.  Scene clothing evolved into hipster clothing.  Slightly flared, low rise jeans were popular at the beginning of the decade, baggy jeans gave way to  tight skinny jeans took over and brighter clothing, due to the Jerkin’ movement (l.a. dance movement) which had an overall childish appearance with low slung tight pants, bright colors and graphic tee’s which have worked their way eastward and is still fashionable .  Low rise developed into ultra low rise.   Boho fashion was very popular beginning in 2000; this included flowy skirts, tops and dresses, uneven hemlines and gypsy tops.  This look ended during the second half of the 2000’s.  Both pointy toed stiletto’s and ballet flats were worn during this decade.  Flip flops were made in hundreds of designs.  Since 2006, Uggs are still popular.

2010- Emerging from the Great Recession, experts predict sex and skin will be in.  Makeup is everything…nude and natural makeup, red lips, smoky eyes, bright eye shadows, silver eye shadow, fake tans and pink are dominant for 2010.   Sheer fabrics are common and undergarments will be made into outerwear, futuristic, space age, metallic, robotic, reptilian clothes inspired by designers including Versace, Karl Lagerfeld, and Alexander McQueen are meant to be hopeful, but can be fierce.  For hair, braids, chignons, and long waved hair are making a comeback.  Hair colors favored are blondes and red.  New super sexy cutaway monokinis are a breath of fresh air to the regular one piece swimsuits and bikinis.  Colors for Spring/Summer 2010 according to Pantone are described as optimistic yet cautious, with turquoise being a very popular choice this season.

Okay, my post was supposed to be short, but this ended up very long.  If you found this helpful please rate or leave me a comment, thank you!!


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    Such a good post on history. Makes me relive the fashion. I hope you did include it here, as they say, it’s one of the greatest inventions to date. 🙂


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