Spotlight On: Sally Hansen Summer Nails

Summer Nails

Originally uploaded by dreamglow pumpkincat210

Although Sally Hansen hasn’t been my overall favorite nail polish brand, I love some of the colors they come out with now and then.

These colors combined have made my new “Summer Nails”.

The yellow color is absolutely awesome. It is Sally Hansen High Definition nail color in Hue. It’s a light and bright, shiny and minimally sparkly yellow.

The blue is Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in Blue Me Away! Almost turqouise, this shade of blue is perfectly summertime. It’s shiny, but the color is a flat blue, with no sparkle or shimmer.

First I use Sally Hansen Insta-Brite Nail Whitener (which works great!), second, I painted on 2 coats of the yellow waited 10 minutes, then the tips with blue, waited 15 minutes and finally a thin coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

Together the colors remind me of a clear blue sky and the shining sun, or the sand and a blue beach on a tropical island.

The High Definition color from Sally Hansen have a really neat look to them and are definitely not boring. Try your drug store for the limited edition line.


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