Glitter and Makeup


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Glitter is a popular item in makeup these days. It’s used loose, in lipstick/gloss, eyeshadows, eyeliners and even mascara.

It is not safe to use glitter around the eyes, but people are going to do it anyways. Here are a few tips to keep you as healthy as possible. 

1. Loose glitter should always be mixed with a thick gel like medium before applying it to or around the eyes. Cosmetic mixing medium, clear mascara(although I do not advise using the mascara with glitter in it as actual mascara).

2. Never use craft glitter for makeup. Glitter can be made of metal, glass, fish scales, plastic and other materials. Cosmetic grade glitter is made out of polyester (a plastic), which is the safest to use around your eyes as it is less likely to scratch your eyeball since it is softer and easier to bend. Glitter that is safer to use and cosmetic grade is .008 microns in size or smaller.

3. When washing off the glitter, first use an eye makeup remover cream and a cotton pad. Close your eye, let the cream dissolve the glitter for about 30 seconds and wipe gently from the inner corner to the outer.

3. Wash your face under running water with your regular cleanser and after that and let the water run over your closed eyes. Don’t squeeze them too tight at this point because all the glitter may not wash off.

4. If you get glitter in your eye, keep your eye closed until you can flush it heavily with water.

5. If you scratch your eyeball with the glitter, but have removed the glitter, keep your eye closed and see the doctor asap.

6. If glitter is in your eye and you cannot remove it or it travels around to the back of your go to the doctor asap.

7. It is unadvisable to wear glitter if you have contact lenses. If you do have contacts and glitter scratches it, throw them away, a scratched lens could damage your eyesight and/or the contact will be uncomfortable in your eye.

8. If you have glitter in your hair, shampooing it twice and using conditioner that rinses out should remove all of it.
9. Always wash your hands right after you are finished working with glitter.

10. Vaccuum your area well and use a sticky lint roller if necessary to remove extra pieces.

11. Avoid breathing in glitter as it sticks to your mucous membranes in your airways, it can aggravate asthma or other lung conditions. If a large amount is inhaled see the doctor immediately.

Glitter is not good for the environment. Since it is often made up of plastic or metal, it’s not biodegradable. It is not recyclable either as it is too small. Glitter sinks in water, causes toxic sludges and is deadly(sharp edges and inedible) to small life forms that are necessary to keep our ecosystem alive.

With that all said, I will continue to use glitter, but I don’t use much ever. I love it, but it does come with a price.


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