Lots of Swarovski Bracelets

Lots of Swarovski Bracelets

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After hunting for all my Swarovski bracelets I’ve made over the past yesar or so I took a picture of them. My arm was pretty heavy, I looked like an exotic princess 🙂

Here is a brief description of each.

–The top bracelet is just a silver and pearl, with clear crystals on some of the the “butterfly sliders”

–My second bracelet has clear purple cubes that I salvaged off an old bracelet I’d accidentely broken. It has medium purple faux pearls, silver spacers and sliders with round swarovski crystals that have the neat rainbow effect. Those are my favorites!

–The third bracelet has 4 rainbow butterflies with a rainbow crystal in the middle of each. Then I added 2 white pearls, then a round swarovski slider. At the ends I put 2 large spherical rainbow swarovski beads before the clasp.

–This one is a star themed charm bracelet. It has small clear beads, silver spacer beads, clear rainbow swarovski cubed beads and silver swarovski clear rainbow star shaped beads. For the charms it has 3 tiny Swarovksi silver star charms and a large silver with lavendar stones Pave crystal star.

–My next bracelet has “frame” beads and if you’ve never worked with them before they are kind of a pain. They make neat bracelets however. It has silver beads inside the square and some clear round rainbow beads and a silver round clear rainbow swarovski slider.

–The next bracelet was one of my first bracelets to make. It was probably the most expensive bracelet because I used 12 rainbow swarovski star sliders and just two small round silver beads to space them. Its really pretty and works well with most outfits. I love this bracelet especially.

–Another framed bracelet, this one is pewter colored. In the middle of each frame I put a clear rainbow swarovski cube bead. For the middle I put pewter and pink stoned sliders.

–The next bracelet is silver and magenta pearled with magenta swarovski crystal rosebud sliders. I love this bracelet, yet I don’t wear it much.

–This bracelet has silver and clear crystal slider beads, pink/green clearish round beads and swarovski rainbow cubes.

–My next bracelet originally had a mushroom charm dangling from it but I took it off to go somewhere that wasn’t particularly “mushroomy”.
It has brown and lime slider beads and silver pearls. I think this is the only bracelet that is non swarovski.

–Here is another frame bracelet! These frames are a little smaller and different from the other 2. The beads inside them are iridescent and have a pattern of circles cut away from them, so they aren’t totally round. Then I have petal themed swarovski sliders in clear.

–Next is a silver and black swarovski slider bracelet with an orange and black tearling silver Monarch butterfly charm. Lovely bracelet, I really need to wear it more.

–Lastly, probably the bracelet that has gotten the second most amount of wear, following the star bracelet is this silver and blue swarovski slider “guitar” charm bracelet. It’s really pretty and the blue stands out more when there aren’t a bazillion other bracelets around it. It’s hip.

Well, that is all I could find. I’m missing a few and i’m sure they’ll turn up, after the move I couldn’t find anything. Quite possibly I gave a few away. Hopefully I’ll find them all and i’ll post a picture if I do.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Okta Melkyades
    Apr 17, 2013 @ 07:44:04

    I love it


  2. Rose
    Mar 17, 2011 @ 11:16:16

    Those are some really beautiful pieces!!


  3. bracelets swarovski
    Aug 30, 2010 @ 04:36:59

    Great bracelets. I love them.


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