Smokey Teal Makeup

Today I actually put on some makeup instead of bumming it.  I tried to do a smokey eye with teal shadow to give it more of a summer time feel to it.  It took me awhile to get the color blended right, as I haven’t worked too much with Carbon lately and it can be tricky, but i love it.

For this makeup look I used:

M.A.C. Untitled Paint all over each eyelid

M.A.C. Carbon Eyeshadow all over lid almost to brow

M.A.C. Nighttrain in the crease.

M.A.C. Vanilla Eyeshadow as a brow highlight

M.A.C. Parrot Eyeshadow in the middle of the upper lid and lining the lower lid.

L’Oreal H.I.P. Cream Eyeliner in Black to tightline

M.A.C. Plushblack Plushlash Mascara

M.A.C. Fuchsia Perfect Cream Color Base on Cheeks

M.A.C. Global Glow Mineralize Skinfinish on top of the Fuchsia Perfect

Maybelline Clear lipliner on lips

M.A.C. lipstick in Sandy B.

Milani 3d Glitzy Gloss in Starshine over the lipstick

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please leave me a rating and/or a comment to let me know how i’m doing, thank  you!


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