Different Eye Shapes and How to Apply Eyeshadow to Them

No two eyes are alike and that is what makes them all beautiful.  There are several general categories that each eye falls into and your eye may fall into more than one category.  There are different ways to make your eyeshadow look great for the shapes/combinations.   You’ll need to follow the descriptions, but tailor each to your own eye.

In front of a mirror examine the shapes, placement, lid and the placement of the inner and outer corners.

Almond:  This shape has a slightly upturned outer corner.  Considered a lucky type to have because these types can wear the placement of different eyeshadow in various places easier.

Close Set:  Eyes close in width, close towards your nose.   If you apply a light shadow to your inner corners,  this can make them appear wider, but be careful when applying a super white or shiny color as these can make your eyes appear closer together.  Pay attention to your inner eyebrow hairs.  Remove the middle ones (on all eye shapes),  but you can go a little further out, but not past your inner  corner of your eyelid.

Wide Set:  You can graduate colors out from the inner corners starting with the lightest color for an exotic look or you can use medium colors on the inner corner, dark color in the crease and a light brow highlight.  This gives the illusion of eyes that are closer together.

Downturned:  Balance your eye shape out by applying color up and slightly out.  Apply a clear mascara to your bottom lashes and curl your top lashes before or after you apply mascara. Don’t apply a liner on the bottom.  If you do use it on the top, apply a neutral on the inner corner to the middle to balance.

Hooded Lids:   Open up your eyes by using a light color eyeliner, such as a cream or white to the inner rims.   Use a light highlight in your inner corners up and out under your browbone.   A medium shade is applied in the middle of your lid and the darkest color on the outer corner.

Asian:  If you have a lid with a small or no visible crease you might try smoking up your eyeshadow.  You can smoke out any color you like.. you just start with the darkest color along you upper lash line, apply a lighter shade of the same color and a browbone highlight that is the lightest.  Its just a gradient or ombre look.  Line upper and lower rims and apply mascara for added definition.

deep-set:  Bring out your eyes by keeping your colors light.  Dark recedes the eye.

Prominent:  Set your eyes back by using darker colors.

The overall secret to good eyeshadow is eyeshadow that has been blended well,  so invest in several different brushes.

also read: https://pumpkincat210.wordpress.com/2010/07/07/apply-eye-makeup-better-with-these-tips/

If you have any tips let me know so I can add them and credit you.

Please give me a rating and/or a comment to let me know how i’m doing, thanks!


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