Fashion Tights For Fall 2010

I love to wear the styles of dresses and skirts that are best in cool weather.  This fall I have found a few styles that I really like.  There are many kinds of printed tights to choose from and I’ve attempted to find a few trend options for fall 2010.    Don’t forget to scroll down nearly to the end of the page and rate my post!  Thank you!!

1.  Opaque white tights:  This season it’s okay to wear white tights.   They are worn best with a neutral dress and neutral closed toed shoes , boots or ankle boots.  Wedges, kitten heels and flats are all good choices depending on your dress.  The lightness of this color can make legs appear larger and some good alternatives are creams and off whites.

2.  Dark colored opaque tights: Black, dark green, burgundy, navy, purple and dark or bold colors are fashionable for the season plus the dark hues slim the legs.

3.  Knitted or Crocheted tights:  More intricate and acceptable than regular fishnet tights these really add a look of sophistication to your outfit.   They also look neat layered on top of any color of tights, even white tights.   Let me warn you though, if you think regular tights snag easily, these are far easier to snag.  They get hung on everything.  I ripped a huge hole in a pair on the steering wheel just getting into the car, I was so mad!!  I found a generous selection of excellent designs at my local Target store.  Ebay has a good selection and also look here:

and here:

4.  Tattoo tights:  Have your legs fully tattoo’d- for a day only!  These tights are really neat because they make your legs appear fully tattoo’d. If they are too sheer for you, wear another more opaque tight underneath, experiment with colors because tattoo tights are all very different in regards to how bright the colors are and overall opacity.

5.  Animal Print Tights:  Animal prints of some kind are almost always fashionable.   Leopard print, crocodile print, snake print, zebra print and others liven up any warddrobe.   The prints don’t have to be the “normal” animal colors, overdyed  animal prints are quite fashionable.

6.  Halloween Tights:  Spider webbed tights for anytime, but would be a good option for halloween.,default,pd.html


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Florence
    Jul 12, 2011 @ 17:57:19

    lol!! this is an awesome idea! 🙂


  2. Unelma
    Sep 21, 2010 @ 22:37:27

    I love these tights! Especially the leopard print ones…have you seen a new site that carries ones from Italy?


  3. itsstrangelyme
    Sep 01, 2010 @ 22:13:47

    Looove the tights! Hot, sexy, and classy (depending on how you wear it)! 🙂
    I will definitely be wearing tights all Fall.


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