Ways To Wear Shoes, Socks and Tights For Fall and Winter 2010

A great style that can be worn now through the winter is layered legs.  You can extend and totally change the look of your summer clothing by transitioning into this trend.  Read on to help learn some helpful tips and share your own too!

When some people think of wearing tall socks with shoes they are reminded of a school girl.  The way to wear this look is explained below and it does not evoke those images, instead it can be worn in many ways.  This style is definitely acceptable for women over 20 and looks fabulous without looking like a costume.  You can make an outfit romantic, classic, funky, sophisticated and tough, depending on your combinations.  We layer our upper body with shirts and jackets, so why not layer our legs too? Please leave me a rating or a comment letting me know what you think or some tips too, thanks!

Some things to consider about layering your legs:

  • Experimentation is key here. What works for one, may not work for the other.  Try on your outfit before you wear it out.
  • You can still wear dresses in cool weather because your legs will be warm.
  • Boots of all heights can look good with socks and tights if you get the right combination.
  • You can wear flats and shoes with laces too with long socks. Experiment!
  • While brightly colored socks are very tempting, try brightly colored tights instead.  This is much easier for grown women to wear.
  • You CAN wear socks with open toed shoes (before a faux pas). Try to match the colors of socks and shoes well.  I would not suggest this for many work environments because close toed shoes are professional and less of a hazard to your health than open toed..you don’t want to drop something on your toes!
  • Layer opaque tights under a variety of sock lengths and textures.
  • The more opaque your tights are, the shorter you can wear a skirt.  Keep in shirt consideration,  a colored button down shirt, a cowl neck shirt are good options. Try not to make your shirt match your skirt or shorts.   A short skirt and cleavage is not a good combination.. please one or the other only.. and neither for most jobs.
  • Wear mid-thigh socks over tights with over the knee boots and a short skirt, dress or shorts.  If the skirt is too long and you cannot see your skin or tights peeping out, and your boots go under your hem,  your skirt/dress is too long for this combination.
  • Don’t wear chunky socks up under your hemlines either, this makes your legs look bigger and your overall height shorter.
  • The longer and thinner your legs are,  the longer and chunkier your socks can be.
  • If you have thicker thighs opt for a  just below the knee sock.
  • Contrasting colors of the shoes, socks and tights is easier if you have long legs, if your legs are shorter think about wearing dark colors or closely matching shades of the same color to make your legs seem longer.
  • Layering light colors such as creams and pastels is fashionable this season (think of snowy mountains) as well as bright colors.  Bold colors are always acceptable in the fall, because they show the leaves changing from dark green to yellow to orange, red and brown.
  • Heeled booties look especially cute with slouched down mid calf or knee-high socks.
  • Ankle booties look excellent with a pair of chunky socks slouched or folded down, add a longer pair of the same color socks with a thinner material and even add some tights under those for cold days.  If you don’t have long legs go for monochromatic black legs and then a colored shirt with black in it and black accessories.
  • Experiment with textured socks, shoes and tights.  Try not to use many different textures of socks and tights together as this will make your outfit too busy.  Consider the type of shoe you are wearing too.
  • If you decide to mix patterns and textures, keep your shoes solid and keep the rest of your outfit minimal in patterns/business.  This is a look that is hard to wear, but it can be done.. proceed with caution.
  • Combinations popular now:  contrast black and gray with dark brown, gray with tan and light browns, creams and pastels including gray.
  • It’s fine to wear similar shades of socks and shoes too.
  • Throw in a pop of proper color opaque tights, such as mauve tights, dark grey thigh high socks black knee or over the knee boots and  a black dress.  You should only be able to see a bit of the mauve tights, this adds surprise and some mystery.
  • To avoid looking like a school girl don’t wear laced up shoes with knee-high socks and a short skirt.  Avoid a pleated skirt with tall socks.  Instead try a laced up ankle boot with a stiletto, wedge or chunky heel.  Trouser socks look great with these kind of shoes.  Younger people can wear the school girl look easier obviously.
  • For work you can sport layered legs too.  Go for dark colors like black, gray or brown.  Wear a closed toed conservative ankle boot with a medium heel, a pair of dark slouched textured socks and opaque tights and a pencil skirt.  A skinny belt is a must!
  • Remember to contrast chunky with thin.   Keep the material, pattern and texture into consideration.  A chunky boot, thick scrunched socks and patterned tights will add pounds to your legs.  At the same time a thin boot with untextured socks pulled up and tights that match will slim you down or make thin legs look too skinny.  This look can also come across as boring, but once again the whole idea is experimentation.
  • You can wear this look under your shorts too, from longer hemmed shorts (just above the knee) or shorter shorts.
  • To get the look right for your tastes and body style you will need to try on different combinations, luckily socks and tights are usually inexpensive so you can stock up on different styles.
  • Platform sandals look cute with ankle or trouser socks.
  • Chunky socks are cute bunched up around your ankle with skinny pants and ankle boots.
  • If you plan to wear colored patterned tights keep your socks simple and your shoe choice of the same style as your tights.   Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors that are in your tights design for your other outfit items.
  • A more acceptable way to wear fish nets is to layer an opaque tight under them in any color and tall boots with a knee length skirt.  – are not acceptable in most work places, but knitted tights are more acceptable the closer the knit is and especially if you wear a dark color tight under them.
  • Just remember you never want to show much or any sex appeal at many jobs.  Unfortunately it opens the door for jealousy from other women (and you don’t want one of those women to be your boss), sexual harassment(which is embarrassing for you as well as the company-they don’t want to pay the legal fees), and you always want to convey the proper image your company promotes.  When in doubt dress conservative or ask your boss first what is okay to wear.  Usually you don’t have to ask,  just look at how your superiors and coworkers dress and draw your own conclusion.  Your job is not the place to push dress code limits.

Casual Chic (below):  This is a look I personally like a lot.  A black mid-thigh skirt, with gray tights under a pair a of black ribbed socks and another pair of black chunky socks folded over a pair of heeled ankle boots.  Note how the brown soled shoes add contrast, keeping the look really sleek.


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  1. Rita
    Sep 19, 2011 @ 01:54:32

    Summer or winter heels opaque tights and short skirt will always be in fashion, I love the this look and frequently wear this look.
    Looks especially good with a floral top and trench coat.


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