Makeup Trend Fall 2010 Part 4: Vampy Purple Lipstick

For the fourth installment of the fall 2010 fashion trends I have chosen the dark vampy purple lipstick look using Cyber lipstick from MAC Cosmetics….this lookis best with the rest of your makeup minimal because the lipstick is very dark and shocking.

For lipstick I chose MAC cosmetics lipstick in Cyber, which is obviously a dark eggplant purple which has a satin finish, so it’s not too glossy or too matte.  You can go either way with this lipstick, but the main key is to keep your other makeup light.  For my eyes I lined the inner and outer rims with MAC Blacktrack Fluidline, which I find is the best cream liner out there because it doesn’t smear.  My blush is MAC’s Flirt and Tease, from an older collection, which is a purple color.  I applied this lightly with a MAC 188 brush.

Purple lipsticks come in a variety of shades and finishes and are often overlooked because they are powerful colors.  You’ll need to try on a few purples before you find one you like.  You don’t have to go high-end either, there are plenty of less expensive brands that work and look great!  Here I used Maybelline’s clear lipliner as a base all over my lips, but I’d rather have had a darker lip liner.   I highly recommend the use of  a lip liner with this look because of the deep contrast in your lips and skin. No bleeding allowed, because with this color it looks atrocious.


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