Fall 2011 Fashion Must Haves

Texture, contrast, and colors reign for fall 2011.   Wide striped plaids, leopard print, trench coats and more dominate for the fall.  Read more… More

Fall 2011 Fashion Color Report

For Fall 2011 Pantone introduces new fashion colors inspired by famous designers.  Brights and neutrals dominate, but it is combined with the romantic feel we love about the cool weather, colorful leaves and leaving the hot summer behind.  Read more… More

Honeysuckle: 2011 Color of the Year

Color of the year…


Poll: What Color Clothing Flatters You?

Ways To Wear Shoes, Socks and Tights For Fall and Winter 2010

A great style that can be worn now through the winter is layered legs.  You can extend and totally change the look of your summer clothing by transitioning into this trend.  Read on to help learn some helpful tips and share your own too! More

MEN’S Fashion Color Report For Spring 2011

Here are the top 10 men’s fashion colors chosen by new york fashion designers at fashion week. MORE… More

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