and some more chunky bracelets…

Here are a couple more chunky bracelets I made.  They are really fun to make.


Chunky Bracelets

I have delved into the art of  jewelry making.  Here are my first “chunky” bracelets.

Spring 2011 Fashion Must Haves *updated 1-8-11

Although it’s not yet fall 2010, the fashion report for spring 2011 is here!  Light flowy 

fabrics and flowery prints are always fashionable for fall.  I’m really digging the “little blue dress” as an alternative for the little black dress.  Scroll over or click on the underlined designers names to view a preview!   To view the full report with pictures scroll to the bottom of the page for the link.  After the length the report is a downloadable pdf.   If you found this report helpful please give me a rating and i’d love to hear your feedback too about the new trends!! I love comments!


Fashion and Beauty Questionnaire

Fashion and Beauty Questionnaire- 30 Q’s to share!

I’d like to see how other people out there are dressing and doing their makeup.  Please fill this out and leave it as a comment for me and others to see.  More

Lots of Swarovski Bracelets

Lots of Swarovski Bracelets

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After hunting for all my Swarovski bracelets I’ve made over the past yesar or so I took a picture of them. My arm was pretty heavy, I looked like an exotic princess 🙂

Here is a brief description of each. More

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