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It’s Not About Money

I read a really good article on beauty blogs and wanted to share.  I am not blogging for money (if I were I’d have a whole lot more posts), I blog about what I like or do not like..my opinion.. generally I try to keep it positive and if I don’t like something I won’t write about it.   Many beauty bloggers will write positive things about a product because they are sent freebies from the company.  Even if the product sucks they will say good things about it in order to keep the free items coming in or perhaps a job with the company.  But I am against the shilling, against the bribing.   So be careful in trusting the integrity and always question the truthfulness of a fashion blog (or any other).

Here is the article I am talking about:


MAC Push The Edge Pigment

For the first time in ages I bought a new pigment from MAC, called Push The Edge, from the Venomous Villains collections. It’s a shimmery purple with blue undertones. Keep going…


MAC “Smash Hit” Dazzle Lipstick FOTD and Review

Smash Hit Self Portrait

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I finally went to MAC to check out their new collection of digi-dazzle lipsticks. I fell in love with Smash Hit, which is described as a white beige. I know you can’t tell in my picture, but this lipstick has a lot of sparkle in it, which is absolutely beautiful! Dazzle! More

Coastal Scents 88 Matte/Satin Eyeshadow Palette: My Review

I finally ordered this palette.   I don’t know what took me so long!  I purchased the ultra shimmer 88 palette last fall and have been extremely pleased with it, so I finally ordered the sister palette. More

Review: Ultra Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette by Coastal Scents

I have to admit that I was skeptical about purchasing these eyeshadows since they were quite inexpensive and you get 88 colors that are about the size of a dime. When I got them in the mail I carefully unwrapped them , fearing some would be shattered. When I opened the top I was amazed to see a rainbow of vibrant shadows, all perfectly pressed with a domed top. Right away I started to swatch all the colors on my hand and up my arm. They were very pigmented. I really couldn’t believe it. The array of pinks and reds stood out the most to me. I put on the eyeshadow and was surprised at the quality. It lasted, was vibrant and was not irritating. I admit I’ve dropped the whole palette several times since I purchased it 6 months ago. Only 1 shadow fell out and it didn’t crumble, I just glued it right back in. So far I have not finished any color and I have my eye on the satin/matte palette next. These shadows are a steal, so get them while you can, you will not be disappointed. They look like candy!


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