Eyeshadow Of The Day October 23, 2012

I threw this look together pretty fast and although its not my favorite, I do like the color placement.  I like the purple(coastal scents) color over the yellow(gorgeous gold-mac) and the teal(mac) on the inner corner.   I used yellow glitter mixed with eye  cream and pressed it over the yellow eyeshadow.  I used a felt tipped black eyeliner (so easy to use!) on the top and a purple fat liner by Urban Decay on the bottom, blended out with a small amount of an iridescent blue eyeshadow.


Makeup Trends for Winter/Spring 2011

For Winter/Spring 2011 Makeup Trends you have a diversity of looks to choose from!  Some looks are basic natural and some are breaking the taboos of the last few years.  They are fun, daring, wearable and fashionable.

  • Matte Face
  • Natural Makeup/Nude Face
  • Bold Lips: Hot Pink, Violet, Orange and Sheer Red
  • Violet Eyeshadow: Sultry and Sexy, purple metallic will stand out.
  • Bright Eyeshadow: Blue, Green, Pink or Orange
  • Red Eyeshadow.  This is a trickier look to pull off, but it’s worth a shot if you are feeling daring.  My recommendations:  Ben Nye Cherry Red Lumiere Luxe(a true red with a bit of shimmer),  MAC Cranberry eyeshadow (not so bright), Coastal Scents Prism Palette (the red in it.)
  • Bold Lips and Eyes!  In the recent past the trend is to either play up your eyes or lips, now play them both up!  Coordinate your lip color and eyeshadow boldly.
  • Smokey Eyeshadow- Always a hit, vary it up with black, gray or dark blue eyeshadows.  Add a metallic eyeshadow for the ultimate 2011 smokey look.   Blend well.
  • Natural Eyebrows.  No overplucked or heavily drawn on brows this year.  Stick with a brow powder and an angled brush.
  • Light, Natural or No Blush
  • A pop of color or a pastel eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eyes.
  • Transition to spring with lovely Easter Egg Pastel color eyeshadows.

To see some looks keep reading!!!


MAC Jeanius Collection Spring 2011

MAC is releasing “Jeanius” collection for the spring of 2011 and will be released on March 3rd, 2011.   check out the products and their names….

    • Diva In Distress Mid-tone gray with silver pearl (Limited Edition)
    • Motorhead Mid-tone blue with copper pearl (Limited Edition)
    • Stove Pipe Black Black with copper pearl (Limited Edition)
    • White Jeanius White with silver pearl (Limited Edition)       see and read more…..
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    Candy Eyeshadow!!

    This eye reminded me of candy.  It too was super easy and quick.  Read more… More

    Purple Eyeshadow For Green Eyes

    Purple is by far my favorite eyeshadow color because it makes my green eyes really stand out.  This look consists of a lot of colors since I didn’t really know where I was going with it.  Here is a list of my favorite purple eyeshadows and what i’ve used in the photo above….For the look  I did (apoligize for the lighting, I don’t like night pictures), I used More

    How to avoid buying fake M.A.C. cosmetics

    The beauty industry is huge.  A lot of money is involved and the demand is high.  Unfortunately their are a lot of people that want to make money selling counterfeit makeup and they do it well.  It can be dangerous to buy makeup that hasn’t passed the FDA guidelines, you don’t know what is in the product and it could possibly contain harmful chemicals that  hurt or kill you, such as lead.  The money made from counterfeit goods falls into the hands of criminals..perhaps its a local street criminal or perhaps a terrorist or terrorist regime.  Whatever the case the counterfeiters are unscrupulous and have no disregard for the well being of anyone but themselves.   More

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