Sparkly Mermaid Lips


These lips are my simple sparkly mermaid lips.  They were very easy and didn’t take much time at all….



Blue, Violet and Pink Eyeshadow with Beads

This look is a little crazier.  Please read more after the jump:


Sparkly Pink Leopard Print Nails

I love this color!!   Although I am not a fan of Hard Candy’s other cosmetics, they have a couple really neat nail polishes.  This color, a sparkly fucshia, is called  “Fabuluxe”.. I’m in love! …… More

Beetle Nail Art

This is one of my favorite “new” colors of nail polish.  It’s from Hard Candy and it’s called “Beetle”.   It’s what i’d call a quad-chrome color….. More

Sparkly Green Geometric Nail Art


I finished these nails really quick, i’m getting the hang of using konad and finding which polishes work and which don’t…keep reading after the jump! More

Konad Stamping Nail Art Review and Tips

After lemming for one of these sets for awhile I finally broke down and bought several plates.   Konad is a Korean nail accessory brand that sells neat little plates with images on them.  Basically you paint over an image with thick nail polish, scrape off the extra product and use their stamper to apply the image copy directly onto your nail.  You can put the images other places too, I’ve seen someone decorate their cell phone using Konad.

I have been practicing a bit.

I’m still learning though.   Here is what I have learned so far…… More

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