Eyeshadow Of The Day October 23, 2012

I threw this look together pretty fast and although its not my favorite, I do like the color placement.  I like the purple(coastal scents) color over the yellow(gorgeous gold-mac) and the teal(mac) on the inner corner.   I used yellow glitter mixed with eye  cream and pressed it over the yellow eyeshadow.  I used a felt tipped black eyeliner (so easy to use!) on the top and a purple fat liner by Urban Decay on the bottom, blended out with a small amount of an iridescent blue eyeshadow.


Blue, Violet and Pink Eyeshadow with Beads

This look is a little crazier.  Please read more after the jump:


Simple Blue and Green Eye

This is a really easy eye to remake using only 4 colors…I chose to make an analogous look (using colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel; use at least two  but no more than five consecutive colors on the wheel)  Read on:


Ghoulish Lime Green Lashes and Black Lipstick FOTD

I’m already so excited for Halloween I did an early look for it.  I finally found some black lipstick, from wet n wild.  The lashes are called “Fortune Tellers” and are a fan of green and a little black mixed in.   For eyeshadow I didn’t really use anything special.  MAC Chartru Paint for a base then a lime wet n wild eyeshadow, that came in a duo for Halloween.  And finally on my lower lash line I used a green baked eyeshadow(wet) from Jordana, it was a limited edition shade that i picked up for super cheap at the drugstore.  It did not disappoint either.  The color is very vibrant when applied wet and a great shade of jungle green.  Cheeks I wore one of MAC’s  older blushes that came in a limited edition white container..the name escapes me..but it was from a summer collection a few years ago.  I used a powder that was too light for me to add to my greenish ghoul look.

MAC “Smash Hit” Dazzle Lipstick FOTD and Review

Smash Hit Self Portrait

Originally uploaded by dreamglow pumpkincat210

I finally went to MAC to check out their new collection of digi-dazzle lipsticks. I fell in love with Smash Hit, which is described as a white beige. I know you can’t tell in my picture, but this lipstick has a lot of sparkle in it, which is absolutely beautiful! Dazzle! More

Fall Trend Makeup 2010 Part 1 Smokey Grunge Eyeshadow

Fall Trend 2010 Smokey Eyeshadow
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I’ve decided to post a series of makeup looks that are going to be hot the fall of 2010. This is the first installment!
For this smokey ish eye shadow, I tried out the fall 2010 trend of some throwback early 90’s smoky grunge eyeshadow. The main difference of this smokey eye from regular smokey eyes, is the brown eyeshadow is used as the main smoke, making it look a little more natural and an updated application technique which gives it some glamour. More

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