Sparkly Mermaid Lips


These lips are my simple sparkly mermaid lips.  They were very easy and didn’t take much time at all….


Blue, Violet and Pink Eyeshadow with Beads

This look is a little crazier.  Please read more after the jump:


Candy Eyeshadow!!

This eye reminded me of candy.  It too was super easy and quick.  Read more… More

Purple Eyeshadow For Green Eyes

Purple is by far my favorite eyeshadow color because it makes my green eyes really stand out.  This look consists of a lot of colors since I didn’t really know where I was going with it.  Here is a list of my favorite purple eyeshadows and what i’ve used in the photo above….For the look  I did (apoligize for the lighting, I don’t like night pictures), I used More

Apply Eyeshadow Makeup Better With These Tips!

We’ve come along way since eyeshadow consisted of one or two pale or neutral days.  Now we have the choice of any color and finish we can imagine.   Working with some eyeshadows is much trickier than with other kinds.   Here are a few tips to help you on your way to having killer peepers. More

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